Myoung-Ok Kwon, PhD


Dr. Kwon is a venture partner of Arcus based in Zurich, Switzerland. She is a founder of Julier Partners, a healthcare advisory company established in 2013 with expertise in biotechnology venture capital, business development and licensing, and M&A.

Previously, she was a managing partner at Nextech Invest, a Zurich-based venture capital fund. She led the investment team from 2007-2012 and made 10 biotech investments in USA and Europe. Her board representation included Sunesis (USA), Macrogenics (USA), Tracon (USA), Telormedix (Switzerland), Imvision (Germany).

Dr. Kwon joined Novartis in 2004 as a senior research planner and a scientific assistant to head of corporate research. She was responsible for annual research strategy and planning, research portfolio reviews and external collaboration for emerging markets such as China, Taiwan, Russia, Korea and Singapore.

She received her PhD in biochemistry and molecular genetics at Universitaet Basel and Friedrich Miescher Institute, part of Novartis Research Foundation.